Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scribe Period 5, Thursday 9/26/13, Honors English 9


  • Today was our presentation day for Reader’s Theater on Othello Act 4.
  • We turned in our annotated scripts with our questions.
  • We performed our scenes, but didn't have time to vote on best actor/actress.
  • At the end of class we reviewed all of act 4.
  • Key points of the review were: Iago and Othello’s plan for killing Desdemona (strangling her in her own wedding bed), Desdemona and Emilia’s relationship, and a breakdown of Iago’s plan for revenge so far (tricking Othello with the handkerchief and Iago’s conversation with Cassio)

Homework: Review act 4, Complete SAT 5 exercises, study for SAT quiz and Othello act 4 quiz.

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