Monday, September 16, 2013

Smith 9H Scribe 9/16

September 16 2013

  1. Today in English we started out by going over the SAT 4 vocabulary words. 
  2. Then we broke into our Othello Reader’s Theater groups. In our groups we annotated our scripts, went over our roles and stage directions. We broke down the meaning of our passage and determined costumes, character motivation, and the summary of our scenes. Also in our groups we started to answer the four questions that are laid out on the green Reader’s Theater packets.
  3. These are the four questions:  

  • What is the main idea of this scene?
  • What is the most important event of this scene?
  • Who is the most important character of this scene?
  • How do the characters' actions reflect on previous acts' conflicts and events?

  1. Our performances will start this Wednesday, Sep. 18th.  
  2. Homework:

  • SAT 4 vocabulary exercises 
  • Act 3 annotations, which need to be turned in on Wednesday, printed out and with the rubric(You are only annotating your scene, but you must read all of Act 3)

Remember our essential question-

To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?

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