Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday September the 11th Scribing per. 6 English 9 Honors

Max Wilson
Wednesday September the 11
A space of silence for those who died

We asked questions about SAT 3 exercises
Exercise 3: Translate: to carry across
Exercise 3, 2, space 3: Relate
Mrs. Smith danced to show us the difference between segregate and integrate by waving her arms back and forth
We read through Act 2, Scene 3, Line 14. Page 83- Act 2 Scene 3 line 284
  • Lines 356-383 are IMPORTANT, they shall be on thine quizzical. Know quite well, for certes it is on thine test. practically memorize it.
  • Cassio does not do well with drinking, gets drunk very fast
  • Iago is crude about Desdemona, whereas Cassio is polite and proper
  • Conflict: Proper vs. Crude
  • Cassio is an angry drunk, so Iago can use this weakness against him
  • The plan is to get Cassio drunk and Roderigo will make him mad, he’ll humiliate himself after he beats up Roderigo and he’ll leave, he’ll be shamed, if all goes to plan
  • Iago is singing about drinking and getting dirty (The King Song), and Cassio says that since it is a dirty song, he says if they do it again and take action, we won’t be worthy of our places. From this it is obvious that Cassio symbolizes all thing proper
  • Shakespeare displays the foil, basically fire and ice, oil and water. Foil is a character who contrasts another character. Like Piggy and Jack
  • Juxtaposition: two different sides compared together
  • Cassio gets drunk, repeats line that he isn’t drunk to prove to himself that he isn’t, also shows that he is
  • Iago tells Montano that Cassio is a drunkard, and that he is bad, and that he isn’t fit for duty, so they plan to tell Othello, planted this in Montano's mind
  • Roderigo gets in a fight with crazy angry drunk Cassio
    • And Cassio gets ANGRY
  • Roderigo to yell MUTINY to get Othello and bring attention to Cassio and his demons (like the beginning with I and R yelling thieves to Brabantio to arouse him)
  • Everyone fights, so Iago breaks it up to make himself look innocent and responsible and to get attention
  • Montano humiliates himself, but then his side of the story is told, and Cassio is humiliated too, basically a fight
  • Othello is all, why would you risk your reputation to be a night brawler (to Cassio)
  • Cassio doesn’t speak because he is shamed, he realizes what has happened
  • Iagos explanation of the fight isn’t truthful because Iago doesn’t add that he was working behind the scenes. Other than that his explanation was just peachy
  • Iago is a puppetmaster
  • Cassio: I'm hurt beyond repair: its his reputation that really hurts, but Iago thinks hes mortally wounded
  • Pretty much adding insult to injury by asking him if he's hurt. Iago wants to get ALL up in Cassio's gills
Homework: Read all of Act 2, read to the end of Act 2. SAT 3 and quiz are Friday, Act 2 quiz is tomorrow. Do you remember what I told you earlier? Hah, of course not. That one passage I wrote about earlier is VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Lines 356-383 is CRAZY important. Get it? Got it? Good.

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