Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scribe Thursday 9/26/13 Period 3 Honors LA

Today, we started off class by listening to the announcements while making last minute preparations for reader's theaters and changing into costumes. After announcements were over, we launched right into Reader's theater with a nursing home theme. It was really entertaining and everyone got a laugh out of it. Then there was The Little Mermaid theme, which was also great and shore had a lot of puns! Next up was the ghetto theme, which was hilarious and had well-played parts. Lastly, there was a Grease translation, filled with slang from the fifties. Great performances today, everyone!
The homework today is to finish Lesson 5 SAT if you haven't already, as it's due tomorrow, and study for the SAT 5 quiz as well. Also review Act 4 of Othello, as there is also a quiz on that tomorrow.

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