Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scribe for Period 3 - Honors 9 - 9/4/2013

1. We started class today by taking out our SAT book and going over questions we had about Lesson Two. The problems are due Friday and the quiz is also on Friday so make sure you study!

2. We watched the first scene from the movie Othello. Yesterday we watched the opening scene from a different movie of Othello so we compared and contrasted the two. The movie today showed more detail than yesterdays. It showed the secret wedding where Desdemona's dad was not present and that Brabantio mentioned that his bad dream came true when he heard Desdemona and Othello eloped. We will keep watching scenes from the movie as we continue to read the book so we can better understand it.

3. Another thing we did to better understand the book was act out Act 1 Scene 1. We chose three people to be Brabantio, Iago, and Roderigo. They read aloud the lines while standing in front of the class and the rest of the class annotated. Mrs. Smith helped with the annotations by asking questions of our own and elaborating. Every time somebody had a question, they put their hand up and we stopped the reenactment of the play to answer it. We will continue acting out the play as we read the book.

4. Homework:

  • SAT Lesson 2 exercises (DUE: Friday) 
  • Study SAT Lesson 2 words
  • Finish reading/annotating act 1 scene 1
  • Redo LOF annotations (DUE: Friday) 

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