Monday, September 9, 2013

Class Scribe 9/9 Block 5

1.       Daily Powerpoint
2.       Homework
a.       Conference, Reread Act 2: Take Notes, SAT Exercises (except exercise 5) and Quiz
2.       SAT 3 Introduction/ Word Reading
a.       Words
                                                               i.      Pedestrian
                                                             ii.      Bona fide
                                                            iii.      Adventitious
                                                           iv.      Fecund
                                                             v.      Deviate
                                                           vi.      Obfuscate
                                                          vii.      Impale
                                                        viii.      Extenuate
                                                           ix.      Parochial
                                                             x.      Glower
                                                           xi.      Edify
                                                          xii.      Ambiguous
                                                        xiii.      Cataclysm
                                                        xiv.      Optimum
                                                         xv.      Importune
b.      Quizlet Link
3.       Finished Othello Act I One Quiz Started on Friday
4.       Place a quote on one of the papers on the wall that is not already there from act I on Othello
a.       Then the class had a teacher led discussion of the quotes
5.       Watched  the scene were Brabantio brings Othello in front of Duke and a little into unread text of act 2
6.       We finished by starting act 2 scene 1 stopping on page 67

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