Monday, September 23, 2013

Honors English: 3rd Period Scribe
Claire Jones
Today in class, we went over our Lesson Five SAT Exercise words, which will be due on Friday (as usual).
The words are:
  1. fop (n.) an excessively fashion conscious man
  2. imprecation (n.) a curse
  3. non sequitur (n.) something that does not logically follow
  4. sanguine (adj.) cheerful; optimistic
  5. bowdlerize (v.) to remove offensive passages of a play, novel, etc.
  6. impair (v.) to weaken; to cause to become worse
  7. panegyric (n.) an expression of praise
  8. quandary (n.) a puzzling situation; a dilemma
  9. ebullient (adj.) enthusiastic
  10. deference (n.) respect; consideration
  11. carnal (adj.) relating to physical appetite, especially sexual
  12. nebulous (adj.) hazy; vague; uncertain
  13. rakish (adj.) dashingly stylish and confident
  14. elegy (n.) a sad or mournful poem
  15. pedantic (adj.) tending to show off one's learning 
The rest of class was spent with our Reader's Theater group.
*REMINDER* Reader's Theater annotations, performances, and scripts are due Thursday.

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