Saturday, September 7, 2013

Period 3 English Honors 9 Scribe September 6, 2013

Today we had Mr. Rosenberg as our substitute.
1. Mr. R. collected the SAT 2 Lesson 2 practice. Next week's is Lesson 3 which is due on Friday and a vocabulary test also on that day!

2. Anybody who redid the Lord of The Flies annotations were due today, along with the original rubric.

3. Another thing we did was take the vocabulary test on Lesson 2 of the SAT 2 book. Mr. Rosenberg's extra credit question was: What kind of dogs (same breed) does the sub have? Answer: Australian Shepard.

4. After that, we finished reading Act 1 of Othello, which we reviewed in small groups after on what happened in Act 1.

5. Finally, we took the quiz over Act 1 in our self-selected groups.

Homework: Conference, reread Act 2 of Othello (take notes)

To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/ lives or affect our relationship?

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