Friday, September 6, 2013

Period 5 Honors English Scribe Courtney Caviness 9/6/13

conference, reread act 2: take notes or make annotations

What we did today:
took up SAT Lesson 2 exercises
Turned in LOF redo annotations
Took SAT 2 quiz
Reading Othello up to Act 2
Then Quiz on what we have read this far.

Othello annotations: Act 1, Scene 3, Line 60-Act 2
Othello is on trial in front of the Duke, because Brabantio thought he used witchcraft on Desdemona
Othello goes on to explain how much he loves her.
Desdemona enters and tells her father how much she loves him.
So Brabantio agrees to give Desdemona his blessing but only because he is her daughter but he really hates Othello now.
They move to talk about the war in Cyprus, and Othello agrees to go to war but wants his wife to go with him.
It was decided that Iago,Othello,and Desdemona will to Cyprus and Othello will go tonight and Iago will watch over Desdemona.
Roderigo finds out about the marriage and want him to kill himself, but Iago convinces him otherwise and says that he should earn some money to use to g to Cyprus an woo Desdemona. So to earn money he will sell his land.
Iag is hatching a plan: to get rid of Cassio and take his place and get rid of Othello as well.

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