Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Scribe 9/10 Period 5

Today we mostly read Othello, finishing scene 1 and scene 2 of Act 2 and starting scene 3.  In scene 1,  the ships arrived at Cyprus with news that the Turks were defeated.  After all of the greetings, Iago tells Desdemona his witty “praises” for different types of women.  Othello arrives after everyone else.  Later, Iago persuades Roderigo to hate Cassio and to provoke him so that Cassio gets in trouble.  Scene 2 is a speech from a Herald telling everyone to have a good time at the feast, which celebrates the victory over the Turks.  We didn’t read much from scene 3.

Homework is to reread and annotate up to where we left off in Othello.  Also, if you haven’t done your conference with Mrs. Smith yet, you need to by the end of this week.

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