Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scribe for Period 3 - Honors 9 - 9/3/2013

Scribe for Period 3 - Honors 9

  1. We started class today by taking out our SAT book. We read over all the words and definitions as a class out loud for lesson two. Sometimes it helps to say the words and definitions out loud when trying to memorize them.

  1. Also, make sure your summary/response is posted to YOUR blog. There is no late work.

  1. What we worked on the most today was starting the book Othello by William Shakespeare.

  • Mrs. Smith has copies of Othello that you can use. If you are using one of her copies you have to use sticky notes to annotate or keep an annotating journal online. If you bring your own copy you can write on it however you want.
  • How to annotate correctly - When annotating Othello, show all your thinking. Annotate like you did Lord of the Flies, with questions, thoughts, connections, etc. Also make sure you know the background of Othello before you start reading because it will help you understand the text better. REMEMBER - Othello was not written to read, it was written to be performed. Keep that in mind while you are reading.
  • Reading the book - We started reading the book in class out loud starting at page xiii (Shakespeare’s Othello) and ending on page xxiv (Shakespeare’s Life). This is just the introduction to the book so it was a little bit harder to annotate to. One annotation we made was on page xiii at the end of the first paragraph when we asked “What is a standard barrier?”

 4.   After reading Mrs. Smith told we are going to be watching two different movie versions of Othello. (only the first scene) We started watching the first one in class. After we watched a little we talked about what we could get from it.  Some of the things we noticed were;
  • The man named Iago and the man named Lieutenant Roderigo are working together.
  • Roderigo had told the king his daughter, Desdemona, is eloping with Othello so the king sends his best guards to go find her.

5. After watching some of the movie we closed by reviewing the homework. The homework is;
  • Annotation redos for Lord of the Flies is due this Friday.
  • Make sure you know when you are going in for your conference.
  • SAT practices are due Friday. SAT quiz Friday.
  • At home reread the notes you take on Othello so you better understand the story. (we will be doing this every night after we read.)

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