Thursday, September 12, 2013

Scribe for Period 5 - Honors 9 - 9/12/13

  1. We started out class today by taking the Othello Act 2 quiz in a group of 4 people. We only turned in one worksheet per group.
  2. After we finished the quiz, we discussed the Reader's Theater Group Assignment worksheets. Here is the link:
  3. For the Reader's Theater assignment, we chose our own groups and each group was assigned different lines from Act 3 of Othello. We do not need to memorize the lines but we do need to be familiar with them and what is going on in that scene. Also, we are allowed to put a spin on it. For example, it can be a Star Wars theme or if you want to have your characters to be rednecks, you are allowed to do that. Also, we are allowed to change the wording, but the characters have to be saying something similar to the original context. Props and costumes are allowed. The performance of your scene will be graded next Friday, September 20th.
  4. After that, one person in the group had to put a copy of the scene your group was assigned into a Google Drive. Then share it with your group and add annotations and stage directions to it and print it out. We will have time to do this next week.
  5. Here is the link to Othello Act 3 Text:
  6. Here is the homework for today:                                                          
  • Finish SAT Lesson 3 Exercises 
  • Study the definitions and parts of speech for SAT Lesson 3 quiz tomorrow!
  • Reader's Theater: put a copy of your scene onto a Google Drive and add annotations and stage directions then print it out

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