Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th Scribe Honors English 3

Dani Comstock

Wednesday, September 11th Scribe

The class asked any questions that they had about SAT 3 exercises

- Exercise 3: Question 1: A. emerse under  B. to come out of a plunge  C. coming together  D. perfectly intact  E. to carry again  F. carry together

- Exercise 3: Question 2: 1. carry across  2. elating  3. relate

- Exercise 3: Question 3: 1. integrity  2. integrate  3. segregate 4. penance, preferance, substance, compliance, romance

- Exercise 3: I.P.: Question 3: B.

We read from Act 3: Scene 2: (When Roderigo makes his entrance) to the end of Act 3: Scene 2

Pages 103 & 104 are very important

We reviewed the chapter at the end of class

We were supposed to have a quiz on Act 2 at the end of class but due to not having enough time it was scheduled for tomorrow

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