Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013 Scribe

New Announcements???
Yes! Today on the loudspeaker there was a new announcement pertaining to homecoming. Students were asked to nominate a boy and a girl from their class for homecoming king and queen. If you are interested in this, there is more information on the webpage. As far as any other announcements, they are on the webpage as well.

                To start out class today, we took out our SAT books and turned to lesson 4. After reading the words with their descriptions aloud in class, we took out our planner and jotted down the homework. We will be doing all of the exercises for homework, and questions about the sections can be asked on Wednesday like normal. The vocab test will be on Friday.

            The remainder of the class period was spent with our Othello groups. For most students, this meant determining the characters, deciding your group’s theme and getting the beginning process figured out (stage directions, meaning of your act, etc.) . As a reminder- you have to read all of Act 3 and annotate your part of the Act by Wednesday. (The annotations are done by the whole group together.) Remember that your assignment is not only made up of your group’s annotation; it also includes the following:
·         On a sheet of paper, summarize what happens during your scenes and right before and after. Be sure to give a heading with names.
·         For each character, give a 1-2 sentence description of what is motivating him/her in this scene- what is making the characters act this way? Also, add how these characters are feeling- is your character depressed, quiet, enraged?
·         Discuss who in your group will be in charge of props, costumes, music, etc.
·         Come up with the context/dialogue you want to put it in. (red-neck setting, etc.)
·         Rewrite your lines in that context for each character following the scene’s dialogue, as long as you don’t change what is happening.

HOMEWORK: SAT 4, act 3 annotations- turn in on Wednesday WITH rubric

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