Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/10/13 Smith Period

10/10 /13
Today in class we had our debate over the Kony2012 video. Ms. Smith gave out our new books today A Long Way Gone. Our homework was to read and annotate chapters 1-2 in the book. We need to come up with 3 questions over chapters 1-5 of higher level thinking questions/connections to Othello. Don’t forget exercises for lesson 7 are due and our quiz is tomorrow. We signed up for discussers and presenters today for the fishbowl so make sure that you get your name on the list. During our debate our class brought up some great points. These are just a few that were mentioned.
Pathos: The pathos group had a great argument that when you see the kids with mutilated face it “tugs on your heartstrings”.
Logos: The logos group made fantastic points when they talked about numbers making things seem more real.
Ethos: The ethos group did an amazing job during the presentation, mentioning that you know the celebrities names and they spread the issue.
The debate went great and everyone look so professional.
Don’t forget to study for tomorrow’s quiz!!!!!!!!
Here are our words for the week:
    Word              Part of Speech     Definition                                   Synonym
1. adroit                      adj.              skillful;clever                                dexterous
2. macroscopic          adj.              visible to the naked eye
3. fatuous                   adj.              foolish; insane                                 silly
4. bovine                    adj.              pertaining to cows or cattle       
5. ferret                        v.               to search or drive out                
6. affectation               n.               a phony attitude; pose                 insincerity;sham
7. knell                        n.               a sound made by a bell,
                                                    slowly for a death or funeral         
8. dichotomy              n.               a division into two parts               
9. callow                   adj.              young and inexperienced                immature
10. laconic                adj.              using few words; short; concise    pithy; taciturn
11. quiddity                 n               an essential quality                           essence
12. patent                  adj.            evident or obvious                        indisputable; apparent
13. peccadillo             n.              a minor offense; a misdeed         
14. sagacious           adj.             wise; having a keen perception
                                                   and sound judgement                    shrewd; intelligent

15. rationalize              v.             to make an excuse for                          justify   
Have Fun!!!!!

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