Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scribe of Period 5, Honors English 9 (10-24-13)

Honors English 9 Scribe-Period 5
Today in class we had our 3’rd fishbowl over chapters 12-17. At the beginning we started with

Assignment Notebooks:  
  • By Friday, 10-25-13, we need to read chapters 18-19 from a long way gone Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. However, if you need to prolong the reading, then it will be OK to read it over the weekend.
  • Remember 5 good-thinking-questions over the chapters 18-End.
  • Study and finish SAT words and exercises (remember to study the word’s spelling, definition, synonyms, and part of speech)
Today Mrs. Hancock joined us for a few minutes to observe fishbowl. For fishbowl, since we have lots of discussers and presenters in the next couple of fishbowls, unfortunately, outer circle people won’t be able to come into the inner circle to talk. Everyone needs to present and discuss that signed up for it. This leads to another situation. Mrs. Smith reminded us that inner circle people need to watch for how many times they talk and to invite others to speak. The main reason for the fishbowl is to conduct a dinner table conversation. Some new features that have been added and will be tested is on coveritlive. There will be some students will be testing these features, pinnits that post comments up above and a program called skins, by trying it out. You can get on to Period 5's fishbowl at

Example of pin it from period 3

Little clips from Fishbowl:

     Peter Constas:  
     Could drugs be a benefit for maintaining your mental stance? Was it in the right to give them drugs?
Comment From Sam
question: Why do you think the soldiers used so many drugs?

Comment From Josie Lee
If beah watched his actions from his previously innocent self, would he still be smiling after he killed people? What would his thoughts be?

Comment From John Griffin
Do you trust Esther?

From pin it:
Comment From Josie Lee
When they constantly take drugs, do you think its because they realize without the drugs it would be harder to do the things they are doing? And why does Beah hate when they say 'its not your fault'?
Question: On page 145, Ishmael said, “Whenever I turned on the tap water, all I could see was blood gushing out”. Do you think that he actually thought it was there, or that he couldn’t wipe the memory of all the bloodspill during the war from his mind?

Inner circle question:
When Ishmael was in the army with the commander, the “city sissies” picked people to go to rehab. Why do you think the commander let the “city sissies” take the children?
How does the dream Beah had about his family symbolize?
Is it better to kill or be killed?

At the end of our class we reset the desks, packed up, and left after the bell rang.

- John Griffin (Official Scribe of 10-24-13)

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