Saturday, October 26, 2013

English 9 Honors- 10/25/13 Scribe Period 3

We started off class listening to the announcements. Mrs. Smith would like more people to volunteer for the AHS tech team (like an Apple genius bar), the link to sign up is here as well as on her daily agenda for Week 10 on her page. 
HOMEWORK IS: Read and annotate Long Way Gone chapters 20-21, 5 questions over 18-end, higher level thinking questions/connections to Othello, etc., and (the last) Fishbowl on Monday.
Note: If you would like to work ahead on our next essay, you can work on the Othello/ A Long Way Gone Synthesis Overview and Othello/LWG Synthesis Essay Outline papers, which were handed out in class.

After homework was announced, we took the SAT 8 test with words, parts of speech, synonyms, and definitions. When we were done with the quiz, we had free time for reading, poster quotes, questions, annotating, and making a CoverItLive account (with lpsk12 email account.) Have a great weekend!

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