Friday, October 11, 2013

Period 3 Scribe 10/11/13 Anisha Choi

1. Smith collected the SAT exercises for that week.

2. We signed in our Long Way Gone books and turned in our Othello books (only if you had them).

3. After that, we took our SAT 7 quiz and the extra credit question was: "What concert did Smith go to on Wednesday night?"

4. When the quiz was finished, we had a brief overview of yesterday's debate. We made a list of new improvements for next time, which was added onto the agenda. The audience had chosen Pathos as the winner. 

5. Finally, we talked about A Long Way Gone, and how to generate good level questions (link on agenda).

Homework: Read chapter 1-5 and annotate A Long Way Gone, 3 higher level question about those chapters.

*REMINDER* Meet in the Forum on Monday for a special guest relating to A Long Way Gone!

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