Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grace Carlson 10/22/13 hour 5 Scribe

Today's agenda: check questions
Fish bowl for chapters 6-11
We will read some of 12-17 in class tomorrow so bring headphones, otherwise try to be quiet
Homework: SAT 8- Friday read and annotate chapters 12-17, write 5 questions for the chapters- Friday

Fish bowl starts:
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How does Beah's writing make an impression on the reader?
Most people agreed the style in the book help to immerse the reader and set the mood for the next scene in the book.
The bird could symbolize sacrifice, a broken heart, or foreshadowing of future gruesome events.
Through out the book we observe many traditions and rituals that would seem strange in our culture. The culture in Sierra Leone is very mixed and holds a lot of beliefs from different religions.
Is it better to be recruited by the rebels or to be afraid of being killed by other civilians in villages you've never been to before? Wow no agreement.
Does religion factor into if you fight or run from the rebels? The flight or fight reflex is a big factor here, although people can be very passionate about their religion, if someone is shooting at you religious beliefs won't be the first things you think of. But it truly comes down to the person in the situation.
The rebels are not only using the boys as soldiers, but also as shields to hide behind when soldiers, and not just villagers, stand up to them.(Connects to Lord of the Flies)
The older people in this book seemed more willing to sacrifice themselves to save the younger generation, whether this is because they think they'll die or they won't survive the escape, or if they're selfless and have hope.
The moon is a large theme in this book, it symbolizes an innocent past and what Beah thinks is pure and good, even though he's changing into someone too numb and sad to truly feel regret, guilt, or pain for the other people.
Beah's environment has changed killing from a horrible action to something that happens everyday, and is normal or natural. He also seems to become distant and unemotional after all that's happened to him.
Anger (Connection to our main question) is a huge part of this story, it causes Beah to blame people for his situation, and lash out at others when he suffers a loss. The anger Beah has may later be used to aid him in becoming a soldier.
If Beah could forget everything that's happened would it make it better or worse? Forgetting would help him sleep and maybe lead a happier life, but remembering would continue to make Beah a better person and enable him to share his story with the rest of the world.
When the rebels attacked and began killing people, they completely changed Sierra Leones culture, and in some ways, the culture and treatment of people would never be the same.
Did the burning of the cassettes symbolize the destruction of Beah's innocence and the end of his childhood.
Class ends
Mrs. Smith says: have a great day!

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