Tuesday, October 22, 2013

English 9 Honors - 10/22/13 Scribe Period 3

Today in English we had our fishbowl for chapters 6-11 of A Long Way Gone. The outer circle live blog can be seen down below. In the inner circle the presenters and discussers talked about many interesting concepts and brought up some good questions .

Some of the main points of the discussion included:

  • How did Ishmael's experiences change his emotions or his personality? 
  • At what point do the soldiers start committing as bad of atrocities as the rebels? 
  • How is Ishmael's group similar to the group of boys in Lord of the Flies? 
  • When at the river, Ishmael sees another man with his family, the man does not like Ishmael and does not trust him, why? 
  • Did Ishmael's pain and/or sadness lessen as time went on because he got used to all the bad things that were happen, or was the pain just as bad each time?
These were some of the concepts discussed in the inner circle. The questions were also posted on the live blog in the outer circle.

Our Homework was to read and annotate chapters 15-17, while making connections to Othello. Also we have SAT 8 to complete. The further agenda can be found here: https://docs.google.com/a/lpsk12.org/presentation/d/1KrAPrFsFTg6YYv1eKvwd-vu0Vf20fVMrZS9ZTybFvq4/edit#slide=id.g10f025579_058

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