Monday, October 7, 2013

Scribe, 10/7/2013 period 5

Hey everybody, so today in class we first went over the new SAT 7 words, had a peer review or essays, and then we took notes on ethos, pathos and logos. (which are advertising methods) When we went over the SAT 7 words we went around the class and read them out loud, like normal, and this week we have to know the parts of speech, synonyms, definitions, and spelling. We do all of the exercises for the lesson except for exercise 5.When our peers reviewed our essays, we went through and dissected each part of the essay. By this I mean we went through the outline of the essay and made sure that each part was there. In order to check your own essay, make sure you do all of your quote citations right. Example. "blah"(Shakespeare, 5.6.89-99). Make sure the period is AFTER the second paranthesis. The order of the numbers in there is act,scene,lines. Also make sure that the heading of your paper is correct. (which you can find on my Friday post) Just go through your essay and make sure that it follows the outline which can be found on Mrs. Smith's teacher page in the daily power point. Also, make sure that the very first thing of your intro is a quote, so many people didn't follow the outline, and that is what it begins with. So, "If you don't see a quote first, your probably on the wrong track."- Smith. Ethos- they have to do with showing athletes, and figures that everyone knows. Smith gave the example of Peyton Manning doing the Papa Murphy's commercials. Pathos- Has to do with emotion. I think of the ASPCA commercials with that sad lady named Sarah holding the dog and trying to get you to donate money. If you don't know what I'm talking about, It's the commercial that always makes you cry when it comes on. Logos- these are based off of fact numbers and percents and facts. The notes for these subjects can also be found on Mrs. Smith's teacher page. Thanks for reading, I hope this has been insightful! Also, if you missed because you're sick, we hope you get better. If you weren't sick, we hope you had an awesome doctor/ortho appointment. Have an awesome Monday!

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