Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scribe 10/3/13 period 5


  • Begin Writing in class essay.
  • Hand back Othello act 4 quiz, SAT 5 quiz and exercises, and rubric for act 4 Reader’s Theater.
  • Talk about thesis. Examples of attention getter (quote) and explanation. We went over the transition to background and what not to do (Othello is about...).
  • We asked questions about background and the attention getter.  Mrs. Smith said to keep the background general with the big idea and pointed out that the attention getter should be a quote.
  • The outline of the introduction should always have these points: attention getter, explanation of attention getter, transition to background, background information on the text, and thesis (always one sentence, always at the end of introduction).
  • Body Paragraph.
  • We clarified that we will only have 1 topic sentence.
  • Outline before you write.
  • Mrs. Smith’s example, “Thou toldst me  thou didst hold him in thy hate” (Othello 1.1.6), as an example of jealousy. Smith pointed out that you need to know enough context to the play so that the reader knows what’s happening. Don’t put too much information in this, because you will then be breaking down and explaining the quote in an explanation. After this explanation you need to connect to the thesis, and then transition to the next point.
  • The quotes don’t have to be in a chronological order, but each point has to lead to the next.
  • After this, we shared and critiqued the thesis statements of the person next to us.
  • Finished Othello act 5 quizzes.
  • Once we finished the quizzes, we worked on our essays.

Homework: SAT 6 quiz and exercises, intro and body paragraph.

If you have any other questions, look at the agenda on her webpage.

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