Thursday, October 31, 2013

10/31/13 Period 3 Scribe

Today in class we went over the questions we had on our SAT 9 exercises along with a peer review on our intro and first body paragraphs. If you were not in class today but would still like to review your paper all of what we reviewed today is on the agenda for this week. The link to the agenda is this:

Our homework for tonight is to write the second body paragraph, rewrite our intro and first body paragraphs according to what the review said to do, and to study for the SAT quiz tomorrow. Remember to use the outline while writing your second body paragraph. The test for tomorrow will be on the words, definitions, parts of speech, and synonyms for week 9. The link below will help you to prepare for the test, although it does not have the synonyms or parts of speech for each word.

For further details please check the agenda which has all that you need to know!
Have a great Halloween!

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