Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Smith period 5H October 16 2013 Scribe-Will F

Today in class we started the day off by passing back SAT exercises and quizzes, and handing in our parent/teacher conference letters. If you haven't done this yet share a online copy with her entitled with your name and parent/teacher conference.

We then moved on to discuss how we felt about the fishbowl the day before. Things that were discussed were how we felt about both the inner and the outer circles. We talked about possibly adding in extra spaces for people to have easier access to the inner circle.
Also Ms. Smith talked about how we should not sign up for a day to present or discuss with allot of people on it because it could be "grade suicide" in terms of how much you talk.

Lastly, the homework was to read through chapter 11, and come up with five higher level questions to be checked on monday. Have a good long weekend!

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