Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Period 5 Scribe 10/23/23

Homework: Read and annotate Long Way Gone 15-17, 5 Questions over 12-17, SAT Work, Fishbowl Tomorrow

First we went over SAT questions:
Exercise 3
1. D. transitive- to carry across
    F. massive- tending to the mass
2. A green light signals you to proceed through an intersection.
    Fighting must stop if warring parties agree on a cessation of combat.
3. To communicate with someone who speaks a foreign language, you will need to send your message through a [n] translator.
    The transcontinental railroad ran across the width of the United States.

Ms.Smith also said she made an outline copy and if you would like to, you can start an outline for your essay.

The rest of the period we had time to read A Long Way gone in class

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