Friday, October 11, 2013

10/11/13 Block 5 Scribe- Elizabeth Brandel

  • Go to forum on monday
  • Read chapters 3-5 and come to school with 3 higher level questions from chapters 1-5 due tuesday for fishbowling
    • Fishbowling- inner circle will present, outer circle discusses (Mrs.Smith will demonstrate/present on tuesday)

What happened-
  • Took SAT quiz and handed in SAT exercises
  • Turned in blue Debate Rubric- must have self-evaluated score with justifications of the score you gave your team. Also, make sure to put what team you were debating for
  • Went through what we might want to do differently the next time we did a debate (on agenda- linked on bottom of post)
    • Google Hangout- a good tool to use for collaborating group projects out of school; sort of like Skype
  • Went over how to ask good questions (link to a website on agenda)
    • Questions should spark speaking- not an easy answer out of the book
    • A good question should have many answers- open-ended questions
  • Went over levels of questions (link to a website on agenda)
    • Wants level 2-3 questions, not level 1
    • Can have questions about opinion, but must have text to back opinion up- ok to have debate in fishbowl
  • Winner of debate- Logos
  • P.S. no SAT next week!

Thing that could be done differently in next debate-

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