Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scribe 10/2 Period 5

Today we finished reading and acting out Act 5 of Othello.  In the part we read, Desdemona dies and Emilia scolds Othello for killing an innocent woman for something she didn’t do.  He continues to argue that Desdemona was unfaithful.  When he said that Iago told him that she was cheating, Emilia is initially surprised at her husband’s lies but continues to explain that none of Iago’s words were true.  Iago, along with some other men, comes in and confesses that he told those things to Othello, but he tries to get Emilia to leave before the others realize he was lying to get his way.  Emilia doesn’t stop revealing the truth so he stabs her and runs away.  She dies singing next to Desdemona.  After everyone leaves, Othello realizes what he’s done and is ashamed of it.  He stabs Iago, getting revenge for the fatal lies he told.  Then he and Cassio discuss what was actually the truth.  Othello’s guilt then causes him to commit suicide.
After that we discussed the essential question (stated below) and took the quiz over Act 5.  Homework is to complete the SAT 6 questions for Friday.  Any questions you have on the SAT assignment will be answered tomorrow as well.

Essential question:  To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/ lives or affect our relationships?

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