Saturday, October 5, 2013

Scribe, 10/4/13 period 5

In class on Friday, We took the SAT 6 vocab test, and we went over our in class essays and our conclusion paragraph for the essay. The SAT test was a wanted poster that you created with three other people for Mrs.Smith. The wanted poster had to include a picture, name of the villain (smith), aliases, why she was wanted, who to contact if found, and a reward. In your group you had to include the 15 vocab words on the poster in the right context.(antipathy,elucidate,bedlam,peruse,eschew,banal, imminent, obdurate,affluence, scurrilous, parody, sedulous, onerous, amoral, and denouement) We had about 20 minutes to do this and we got to use markers. We went over the order for the *body paragraphs really quickly to understand what we were supposed to be writing.We then went over the conclusion paragraph, and Mrs.Smith showed us how to get a citation of Othello form easy bib.
For Citation:

  • Find the ISBN number on the back of your Othello book. (on the bottom right corner in the white box)
  • Then click on the book option above where you would enter a URL on the easy bib website.
  • Type in the second ISBN number on your book, not the first! (of course if you only have one number, use that one)
  • When options come up click on the 2004 version of the book. Use the citation it gives you.
  • You can then click the export or print button, and scroll down to the save to google docs and it will automatically save the citation in your google docs document.
For The Conclusion Paragraph:

  • Its is supposed to be really short, use the power of words.
  • You never introduce any new information.
  • Summing up your already given info, restate your thesis saying what you proved.
  • Review all of your points and for the last couple of sentences trace it back to your "attention getter"(quote) at the beginning of the essay.
Mrs. Smith also showed us the correct format for the top of your essay:
Your name
English 9 honors
7 October, 2013
Title: (make it creative)
the rest of your paper, make sure it is double spaced
Our papers are due Monday the 7th so make sure to print yours out along with citations and bring it to class on Monday. Thank you for reading and I hope this has been insightful!
* The order can be found in the daily power point on Mrs. Smith's teacher page 

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