Tuesday, October 22, 2013

LWG 6-11 Fishbowl 6-11 Period 3


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  1. I feel the meaning of home in war is where you are safe. When you are safe the worrying subsides a little and more importantly you are not experiencing life on the front lines.

    I think Ishmael ran from society because he felt that it was not going to be safe there. He continued to run because he wanted to be as far away from all the war as he could; it gave him a fake sense of security almost.

    For the kids i think it would be best to be silent and hold back the tears. Crying may give them an emotional release but in that situation the emotion that they lost while crying could be replaced by fear or anger causing them to be in a more terrible situation then they already are in. It also shows the boys that they are strong and can bond together to overcome everything, all the adversity.

    Fear is extremely important in their situation because it keeps them prepared and focused. In Lord of the Flies fear of death fueled them to keep a fire going and to hunt the grounds for food. Fear propelled Ishmael up that coconut tree and kept him running away from danger.

    Beah’s memories are almost as important as fear because they give him hope and a reason to survive. His memories remind him of what he could have if he escapes the war. The memories keep him sane and in line by giving him an escape when he is at absolute rock bottom; his memories represent the hope he has.

    Ishmael needs to mature and become a man so he does not end up killed. He needs to fend for himself, acquire his own food, find himself shelter, and keep himself away from the rebels.

    The line between fighting for good and fighting for evil is very thin. Martin Luther King once said “Using unjust means to achieve a just end is the same as using just means to achieve an unjust end.” I do not know if it is ever right to kill any man for any cause, but I think that some evils need to be stopped.

    I think Ishmael puts so much emphasis on the beginning and ending of days because he cannot decide which he likes better. The beginning represents a new day where anything can happen good or bad, and the end of the day represents the end of what could have been a bad day, it signifies that the sun will always come up tomorrow.